This luxury residential real estate project in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea transforms a four-story commercial structure into six full-floor units, two duplex penthouses, and one townhouse, creating 38,612 square feet of habitable upscale space graced by expansive, open floor plans and top-of-the line quality materials brought together in a luxurious ensemble of limestone, bronze, and wood. 

A collaborative project with architectural and interior design firm GRADE NY, the facade of this building will be comprised of floor-to-ceiling windows that give the exterior a geometric rhythm that blends in well with the extant urban environs, while also creating unparalleled sense of spacious openness for the units within, which are tastefully decorated using the best furnishings, fixtures, and materials to be found. 

Elegant touches in the assembly of materials, such as herringbone patterned floors, built-in shelves, and patterned arrangements of modern lighting fixtures gives every unit an urban sophistication that cannot be easily paralleled in it subtle attention to detail. 

Enclosed balconies provide residents with an opportunity to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the city streets, while the upper units have rooftop gardens that provide a secluded perch for taking in the view of the chiq neighborhood below.