In a project that involved renovation, refurbishment, and even new construction within the physical and legal parameters of remodeling the interior of an 18th century London Townhouse, a collaborative effort with architect Shelton Mindel yielded an interior triumph that harmoniously blends past and present with a tasteful integration of styles, colors, and materials.

The upper six floors of the building were renovated and restored under strict guidelines from the Landmark Commission, and a new floor and garden were constructed underneath the already extant structure, creating a harmonious interplay of light and foliage, hidden away within the brick-lined urban context. The furnishings are tastefully selected and blend modern and neoclassical traditions.

Dark, solid, and ornamentally carved rich woods combine with strong, regal colors to create a serious and respectable atmosphere in the upper, original echelons of the building, while the new level by the garden is an exemplary, tasteful piece of modern design that sits well within the larger context of its more antiquated counterpart, especially with its connection to the upper floors by a black, wrought-iron circular staircase, which almost evokes the industrial and yet classical London of bygone days. The building is an overall successful blend of history and pragmatism, past and present.

*This project was completed while employed at Shelton Mindel.