The strong planar expressions and dynamic vertical layering of the iconic Tribeca skyscraper designed by Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron serve as architectural inspiration for the interior concept of this sales and design gallery at 56 Leonard Street. 

Passage from room to room in the voluminous, open expanse of space is marked by a transition of materials—rather than achieving definition through physical barriers—giving this contemporary domestic interior a spacious and breathable quality that juxtaposes nicely with the exterior views of the dense and busy New York urban area. 

In this collaborative work with architect Shelton Mindel, the thematic dynamism and theatrical tension of the cubed and puzzle-like facade of the building is carried seamlessly into the interior details, such as customized rugs, fixtures, furnishings, and accessories, which give a modern and forward-looking, yet simultaneously habitable and organic appearance to the space, which showcases the true potential of interior units in this building to become masterpieces of quality interior design.

Glass, concrete, wood, carpet, and finished drywall mix and mingle in an austere and reserved celebration that lingers within a monochromatic black and white color scheme, punctuated by organic hues in the hardwood floor, providing an austere frame to capture unparalleled, sweeping views of the city.

*This project was completed while employed at Shelton Mindel.